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Marc Pendzich: IN THE WORLD – Music about Poems by Paul Boldt / IN DER WELT – Musik über Gedichte von Paul Boldt (2022)

Paul Boldt (1885-1921) was a rising star in the expressionistic literary scene of Berlin – very immediately before the beginning of the first World War, which ended all ambitions. With the work IN THE WORLD Marc Pendzich created a musical portrait of the unjustly almost forgotten poet Paul Boldt. >> in-der-welt.com

Marc Pendzich: Permuted Identity (2021)

An instrumental concept album decoding four basic emotional states switchback („up and down“), unique („me, myself and I“), numb („stunned, alienated“) und serendipity („be one with yourself“). The listeners experience these states while traveling through Hamburg by subway, inliners, bike and car. >> permuted-identity.de

Marc Pendzich: 1862 – homage to Emily Dickinson (2020)

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886, Biopic-Series currently available on Apple TV+), only lived in her unpublished poetry. Based on twelve poems created in 1862 Marc Pendzich composed this musical jewel: romantic, timeless, celebrating life, worshipping nature. >> 1862.info

marc pendzich feat. danny merz: nachtgesang – homage to may ayim (2017)

Songs about a deep but unrequited love. Torn between „a hopeful heart“ („Hoffnung im Herz“), yearning, farewells and the determination not to wait any longer „…and this time, when you leave, I’ll already be gone“ („… und diesmal wenn Du gehst, bin ich schon fort“). >> pendzich.com

Marc Pendzich: ZERO – Back2Life (2017)

A crisis as a liberation, a welcome opportunity to overcome musical boundaries, the unleashing of creativity and coping with burnout – ZERO is the soundtrack of this intense time and self-liberation of Marc Pendzich. >> pendzich.com

Marc Pendzich: SELMA – homage to Selma Merbaum (2016)

The album SELMA is a homage to life – and to Selma Merbaum (a.k.a. Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger). Even though or especially because of her difficult life circumstances, her joy of life shines with exuberance through every line of her poems and is reflected in the music of this poetic album. >> pendzich.com

Marc Pendzich: „Tita and Leo – summer vacation among the Centuries“ / „Tita und Leo Ferien zwischen den Jahrhunderten“ (Soundtrack, 2014).

A music-embedded play by Anne Hentschel and Marc Pendzich based on the original book „Tita und Leo – eine Feriengeschichte“ by Angelika Waldis >> tita-und-leo.de

„A magical theater play with a deeply life-affirming soundtrack.“

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